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Why this site?

Integrating findings from the Math and Science Partnership (MSP) program into the larger knowledge base is an important contribution to the improvement of mathematics and science education reform. In this way, MSPs and the field at large can benefit from NSF MSPs' research and development efforts.

The MSP Knowledge Management and Dissemination Project (KMD), has primary responsibility for synthesizing findings in the K–12 arena in several areas, articulating the contribution of the MSP program to the knowledge base and identifying "gaps" and promising practices/strategies for further investigation. The KMD project is conducting its work in a few important, carefully-selected areas of mathematics and science education research and practice.

  • deepening teachers' mathematics/science content knowledge,
  • preparing and supporting teacher leaders in mathematics and science, and
  • supporting beginning teachers of mathematics and science.

Knowledge Reviews

Based on findings from research and insights from practice, knowledge reviews provide guidance to practitioners in the areas of deepening teacher content knowledge, teacher leadership preparation and practice, and the involvement of STEM disciplinary faculty in the work of deepening teacher/teacher leader content knowledge through the MSPs. These knowledge reviews also articulate the contribution of the MSP program to the knowledge base and identify promising practices/strategies for further investigation. Each knowledge review offers opportunities to react to the practice-based insights described, provide additional insights in the particular topic area, and share examples of practice.

Knowledge Reviews:


Increasing emphasis is being placed on the use of assessments of mathematics/science content knowledge in evaluating the impact of professional development programs intended to deepen teacher content knowledge. Given the range of topics addressed in these programs, finding valid, reliable, well-aligned measures can be a challenge.

A searchable instrument database provides researchers and practitioners with information about measures of teacher content knowledge used in empirical research, including research conducted by MSP projects.

Presentations and Papers

Presentations and papers related to the work of the MSP Knowledge Management and Dissemination project can be accessed here. Topics include applying standards of evidence to research-based findings, identifying practice-based insights, and utilizing what is known from research and practice.


Program designers face a myriad of decisions in determining where to focus their attention and how to allocate resources. MSP-KMD cases are resources for current and future designers of programs for deepening teachers' content knowledge and developing and supporting teacher leaders. The cases describe actions of, and lessons learned by, MSP project leaders.